Experienced Professional Care Providing:

  • Vaccinations:

vital preventative against fatal and debilitating diseases

  • Heartworm testing and prevention:

ensure protection against this potentially fatal parasite which is widespread in Queensland.

  • Microchipping:

permanent identification on a national register. All animal shelters, pounds and veterinarians routinely check for microchips in lost and stray pets. A microchip means you are likely to be reunited.

  • Medical consultations:

health concerns can in most cases be diagnosed and treated on the spot.

  • Health checks:

for peace of mind and a part of all vaccinations.

  • Home euthanasia service:

A peaceful and compassionate solution once the difficult decision has been made. Saying goodbye is an intimate experience which many prefer to undertake in the privacy and familiarity of the home.

  • Full laboratory and referral support:

prompt turnaround of blood tests and other diagnostic procedures are arranged through QML pathology. We are fortunate to have access to a state-of-the-art referral centre within 30 minutes drive of Pomona.

  • Minor surgical procedures:

I am equipped to treat wounds and perform any procedure that can be undertaken with sedation and local anaesthetic.